Friday, August 13, 2010

When it Rains...

Orange and Clouded Sulphurs
(Colias eurytheme and philodice)

As the old adage does pour.  Everything to excess this summer it seems!  Too much rain!  Too much work to wade through (much because of the rain).  But who could ever say too many butterflies?!  Don't look at me!

It has been a busy summer for the Sulphurs...for a couple weeks there they seemed to commit a mass amount of lives to highway traffic.  But on the rural roads and yards every where they are adding a great deal of color.

I'm just stepping off a busy weekend from a bio blitz at Lost Island Lake.  It was a great time to see butterflies, dragonflies, mammals, birds, prairie plants - you name it!  I was in charge of the prairie plant inventory process.  

A Bio Blitz is when a bunch of folks get together in organized groups and methodically walk through specific locations and list species they find.  This is an exciting process but very intense, especially when you are trying to determine species closely related to others or which may be new to you!  I am still going through the listing process but getting closer to the'll be interesting to see what we found as an event!

Get out if you can and enjoy what's going on right's pretty amazing out there!


Ann V. said...

You are educating me about sulphurs. We have so many on bushes by our waterfall...did not know what they were called...Thanks for the info!

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you Ann!