Friday, May 14, 2010


Iris Study (Iris shrevei)
color pencil rendering - 6X8"

Trying to get back in the groove here at the studio...we've been battling the winds and rain the past week and finally see the sun today. The winds here are just atrocious during the spring. This week the flood light above the outside studio door spit out it's bulb - wind unscrewed the thing! The south side of the barn roof is going to take some doing to just "patch" the holes the past 4 weeks of wind have torn out.

But life is beautiful to behold and most of the summer birds have returned and are serenading me as I type. The Baltimore and Orchard Orioles are back and hitting the grape jelly hard and the hummingbirds are chasing each other around their feeders.

I've taken to working on drawings each night - my days are full with web site work for clients and painting time has not revisited me in some is discouraging but this too shall pass.

The Iris study is another of the many things stuck in the nooks and crannies of my brain. Sometimes these are hard to retrieve but this was drawn from a photograph I took just last spring here at the studio.

We have done native planting around the studio and the studio deck. There's a small fountain north of the deck that has a small clump of native wild iris - Iris shrevei, also sometimes called wild blue flag, or southern blue flag. This iris is native to the marshes here in NW Iowa.

In the past I'd typically vignette the flowers from their background but I was rather taken with the out of focus Wild Columbine leaves in the background of the photograph so, with a little rearranging, I left them in as a foil for the irises.

The prairie is picking up speed here and this is the time of year that outside work becomes nearly full time...I love it! I need to get out and anything for a good excuse!

See you outside...


HARE said...

Is this painting? Looks like photo.
Wild Iris's petals are some thing saying. I like this painting.

Prairie Painter said...

Yes, it's a color pencil rendering Makiko. Done small, it is easier for me to control to a higher degree. Thank you for your comment!

Linda said...

They are my favorite flower, and blue/shades of blue flowers, are my VERY favorite !!!!!!!!!
Your detail is beyond my imagination. Even if I still had the patience, I couldn't fathom drawing like that, and in such detail. That is something, very specific, that I see, when I look at an iris, and buddy, you've got it covered!
A giant TA-DA to you !!!!!

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you for your kind comment Linda, I appreciate it!