Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring's Chorus

Northern Flickers add
a bit of percussion to
the spring chorus here
at the studio!

The thing I look forward to every year here is the morning chorus of birds. It lulls one into a deeper sleep at times, or makes you want to get up and join them!

The birds at the acreage are constantly getting my attention though, and I find myself distracted and trying to "capture" their exuberance. A week or so back I was hearing a Western Meadowlark singing outside the studio. I was snapped out of what I was working on and gathered up some equipment and went out to record the the time I'd made it outside, the bird was gone.

Song Sparrows are a spring/summer
favorite singer here!

But another picked up the music...a Song Sparrow, they're early spring singers here and continue to belt it out through the summer. So many birds don't carry on much past early summer. The Northern Flickers then added their percussion and calling to the mix and a American Robin joined in with Common Grackles bantering off and on. On occasion the Meadowlark could be heard off in the background...what a blast to hear!

I have a page on my web site that is just audio of nature. The page isn't linked and only friends (you!) get to listen - my May Basket to you!! The nice thing about the page is if you leave it up, the birds will sing continuously. "April Morning at Prairie Hill Farm" is the track form last week. The "Prairie Savanah Summer Morning" track is one I added some time back, but both will play continuously as long as the page is open.

Nothing to download or anything, and you can minimize the page if you're working on anything else (on the computer) at the time.

Hard day at the office or things got you down? Bring the page up and let the birds cheer you up.

Relax and have a great day!


HARE said...

I can hear these sounds in your photos.
Around your studio is wonderful world for me.

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you for your kind comments Makiko!