Friday, August 21, 2009

Yesterday's Effort

"Little Sioux Sand Bar"
oil on mounted canvas, 9X12"

Yesterday was a new painting day and the Little Sioux River over by Linn Grove (Iowa) was the location of choice. This area is below the dam there and there are many spots to walk along or even park on both sides, but this view was from the north side looking across stream.

I think I'm trying to do things I'm comfortable with because I feel out of touch and "shape" with the canvas at the present time - having spent so many months in front of my monitor working on websites and educational presentations, and such. I spent so much time on the rivers and creeks when I was growing up that I find them both mentally and physically intriguing and well as relaxing and visually exciting. It's a bit less of a stretch, I guess, to make an image of a stream look inviting.

The painting wasn't finished until this morning though...I just had to work on the water more; fine tune things if-you-will.

Enjoy this October "like" weather while it lasts!


Diane said...

Bruce it looks beautiful! I might need to find that spot :)

Anonymous said...

I live only two miles from the Little Sioux River outside of Turin, your art captures it perfectly!
Darrin Dodd

Prairie Painter said...

Thanks Darrin I really appreciate that! It's not deep enough for a dive but really pleasant to sit and watch!

Prairie Painter said...

Thanks Diane! A nice place to contemplate!