Saturday, August 29, 2009

If I Could Only...

Pilot Creek meets the Des Moines River - Pocahontas County

Georgie and I spent the past couple days working on traveling and filming sites in 3 counties for the Watchable Wildlife project. As we traveled around and explored these sites, we'd also check out other places in the areas we visit.

I find myself overwhelmed as new and renewed discoveries (for us) continually mount up. If I could only live long enough to act upon all the images and ideas rolling around in my head! Oh what a quandary to find yourself in!

One place we visited and filmed was east of Rolfe in Pocahontas County (Iowa). The site was south of Pilot Creek and west of the Des Moines River by a few hundred yards. It was the site of the last battle in Iowa between different Indian this case the Winnebago and the Sioux.

The Winnebago were camped and settled in for the night, with a man stationed in a nearby Walnut tree. The Sioux were sneaking up to take the other tribe's cache and to claim their trapping/trading grounds. The scout in the tree spotted the Sioux's movement in time to sound a warning and although lives were lost, the Winnebago kept their territorial interests against their rivals.

It all conjures up some cool stories doesn't it!

After visiting this site we headed over to the nearby river and I took the image above of where Pilot Creek enters the Des Moines River.

The rivers, streams and other bodies of water are literally books of stories of many kinds! Oh what wonderful stories of adventure, struggle, celebration and sorrow they must hold! I can't wait to paint another river!

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