Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Haven't had many visitors to the studio or farm lately...but then I don't think they'd make it in unless they were driving 4X4's. It's really hard to tell from the photo how bad things are, but they've raised the road by about 18-24 inches and totally scraped out and lowered/widened the ditches, and repositioned all the culverts. Then it rained.

If the road hadn't had big "Road Closed to Thru Traffic" signs placed at each end I'm sure someone would've looked at it and thought it was just "a little" muddy, but it became a sucking slurry that only a slow moving 4X4 could traverse...and that's only if you stuck to the middle.

We got real lucky yesterday and all the rain missed us! Never thought that'd make me happy (we're behind in our moisture) but it gave the road some chance to dry out a the county is back to work on it and have been adding and packing more gravel. It's actually driveable today...the entrance to our place is still not up to par but at least visitors shouldn't get stuck there today.

If we miss rain the rest of the week we'll be in better shape but I don't think we'll miss what's brewing...feels just like summer now! Heat and more of that cool nonsense we've had since winter ended. (Did like those sunny cool days though!)

Been checking the prairie pasture here and another forb has been blooming. Prairie's a real stand-out when there is a lot of it but we've only got a small number blooming...maybe that's one we need to encourage. A beautiful magenta blossom...but the deer here really appreciate it too (salad?), that's why we don't seem to have enough. Unfortunately when the plant is browsed back it does not bloom.

I don't want to discourage visitors! Just give us a week or two, weather permitting we'll be dry and ready for art and prairie lovers! Stay cool!

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