Thursday, June 11, 2009

...and More Spring on the Tallgrass

The season continues colder than usual here at Prairie Hill Farm but the blooming is progressing as in years past. A walk through the pasture has a healing effect on tired least mine!

Yarrow is blooming...a very common prairie plant. I've had some people tell me it isn't a native, yet other knowledgeable prairie folks tell me it indeed is...I have plenty of it so I'll opt to accept it!

A forb I really like is one commonly called Ox-eye sunflower. It's not a sunflower though so sometimes it's called False sunflower - Heliopsis helianthoides. This beauty has almost florescent orange/yellow'll bloom during the entire summer and even into early fall!

One wildflower of dry gravelly prairies (which ours has much of) that I wish lasted longer in bloom is the Large Flowered Beardtongue (Penstemon grandiflorus). It has beautiful tubular flowers that Bumble Bees tunnel in and out of all day long. I keep a "nursery" of these forbs on the south side of the old corn crib...they love being in full sun and poor soil on the dry side. I collect from these each year to spread the flowers around more.

Other plants that are really coming on in the prairie remnant here are the sedges and the Prairie Sage. They tend to add texture and tone into the environment here.

I'm still stuck inside, but still take short breaks through the pasture...someday I'll get back to the easel...I hope. Enjoy it if you can...

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