Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wm Penn Road Trip

Spent a great deal of time on the road yesterday delivering work to Wm Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa for a 4 week exhibit in their gallery. I don't think I've ever been to Oskaloosa...been in the general region a few times over the years, but not there. I do know one thing now about Oskaloosa (well maybe more than just one) and that is - if they ever lose Ed's Bar BQ on the south side of the city square, they've lost a treasure! Oh my word what wonderful Brisque! (Thanks Ed, I said I'd get out the word for you!)

Georgie and I, and artist friend Barb McGee, drove on down to pick up Barb's artwork and hang mine. It's quite a trip from up in the NW corner of Iowa down to Oskaloosa, but we had no loss of something to talk about and the time really passed quickly. We also came across more Bald Eagles north of Oskaloosa than you could shake a stick at! At one point Georgie spotted a "bunch" in a field on the east side of the highway and we pulled over and got out to see what was up...there were over 2 "dozen" Bald Eagles in and about the field...many flying around with each other and many just sitting in the sun. It was pretty cool to watch...I think that has to be the most I've ever seen in one spot at once.

Wm Penn looked like a typical college campus with some nice older architecture mixed with the new and our contact was Victoria Peterson Laird, Director of Visual Arts there. Victoria is a very pleasant, down to earth person and got Barb's work down and packed into the car and my work up; then without a lot of ceremony we all headed back to NW Iowa.

If you're in the vicinity of SE Iowa over the next 4 weeks, stop in Oskaloosa for the best Bar BQ you'll find and take in the exhibit in the gallery at the Wilcox Library on the Wm Penn University campus!

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