Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night I closed up shop to come in and see that lovely lady I commiserate with whenever I'm not working or distracted with "maybe?" important things in the studio, and a Bald Eagle flew right through the yard below tree top was pretty cool. But the neatest thing was this morning when the yard filled with Robins...dozen of Robins flicking through the newly unfrozen leaf litter and picking the frozen dried up berries off of the viburnums. Neat because this really felt like spring! This really brought back memories to me and a sense of time and place felt over and over for well more than half a century now...Whoa!

OK lets forget the time span thingy and hang onto the dawn chorus prelude we've got going's great! Tonight is threatening to put another short kabaush (sp?) on this beautiful picture...we're supposed to wake up to another blanket of snow. It's starting to give me the DT's...I can't stand it!

I've grown very fond of warmer weather...maybe it's because it's been some time since I've experienced it? Maybe it also has to do with that ...thingy I mentioned too... But I've been dwelling on a mid summer night...on crickets and katydids lulling my self into a sweet, soft ride through the evening. I know, God willing, it'll come again, but I've grown impatient, so I'm posting the Lighting Bugs video again...I'm just going to stick it on a loop here and pipe in the crickets and katydids on my tape deck and bring myself back to an even keel!

This was from last summer out here on Prairie Hill Farm.........there that's better.


Re said...

Thanks Dad! I needed this after today's rain, sleet, snow, SD wind. I can't wait for summer! Oh and enjoyed tons of Robins here all week singing in the trees....we all looked up! : )

Prairie Painter said...

Hey Re, more snow tomorrow, hope you have a shovel!