Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prairie Spring

It is officially spring on the Tallgrass Prairie now. It is never official until the Pasque Flower blooms, and our first official sighting was Monday evening (the 7th)!

This is also when my itch begins to photograph or paint and follow the native forbs (wildflowers) through the season. I must try harder this year to make the most of what time I can come up with! Sort of a delayed new year's resolution I guess.

Pasque Flowers are like the "Robin" of prairie flowers. All through the winter, when the short daylight and gray cold days get to you, something to look forward to keeps one hopeful and sane. We've been looking forward to the first Pasque Flowers! Now I have to wait for the next snowfall (tomorrow) to come and melt before I can go back and embrace their return with my lens.

Its worth the wait.

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