Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to the Workout

I'm spoiled...Georgie's spoiled too because I've been in the studio working and out of her hair the past several weeks. But the frost is out of the ground and the "workout" has to begin once more.

We're putting a deck entry in front of the building. The ground slopes away pretty fast and it's not an easy walk up into the studio without a better entry.

Right now we're just forming the main platform, then we'll put in the steps, and then work on the ramp.

We just got the ledger, Girder and rafters up and are just beginning the deck boards.

It was a little cold starting this morning, had a slight skiff of snow on the ground and the temps were below freezing...but was out of the wind and pleasant enough in the sun.

Need a new body though. Too creaky and stiff after only a day of carpentry work again!

We promise to at least have the place accessible this week, so feel free to drop by!

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