Friday, May 12, 2017

It's OK...I Guess...

"Harris' Sparrow (male) Portrait"
color pencil drawing - © Bruce A. Morrison

I've always had a bit of a time staying on task - especially in the Spring...or summer...or fall...maybe winter.  I think "always" is the key word here!  After spring finally does arrive though, everything shouts for time just exacerbating it all even more so.

The prairie is waking up! (Golden Alexanders, Star Solomon Seal and Blue-eyed Grass is in bloom already).  The birds are returning! The yard is alive with music!  Georgie has been putting the garden in and already harvesting from her work last fall. (Spinach and asparagus in the salads!)  The frogs and Toads have been singing like there's no tomorrow!  Even the spring ephemerals are filling the north grove with blues, whites and yellows!

So I guess work has slowed some in the studio...too many birds on the window feeders?  That and too many other distractions to mention!  I'm attempting to get back into the game here but enjoying the outdoors above and beyond the studio at the moment.

It is soooo nice out; slacking off a bit?  It's OK I guess...

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