Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Print of the Week - "Yellow Coneflower - Ratibida pinnata"

"Yellow Coneflower - Ratibida pinnata"
print from the original color pencil drawing
© Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

I have a lot of smaller "decorator" type prints and this is a good example of one.  This is a native prairie flower, a very common one that most will recognize...I like to call it "Yellow Coneflower" but most will give the common name "Gray-headed Coneflower" to Ratibida pinnata.  I believe this is because the flowering head of this plant is initially light green to gray when it first appears and doesn't turn brown until the head fills with small florets.
I chose this for the print of the week because it is now blooming profusely here in our prairie pastures!  A beautiful sight in mass!
The original drawing that this print is published from was in color pencil...the background thrown out of focus by using different methods of dissolving the pencil's wax based pigment and creating a "wash" effect.
This print is available as an open edition/signed print here at the studio/gallery or from other dealers given on my web site at
Thank you for visiting - I hope your summer is full of beauty as well!

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