Saturday, January 5, 2013

All Things Avian

Blue Jay with sunflower seeds
photograph © Bruce A. Morrison

Its National Bird Day today!  I didn't know they had one of those but think its a great idea!  As I mentioned in a recent blog, I love feeding the birds and bringing them closer to view.  I suppose I started feeding them for that selfish reason alone!  I just glanced over my left shoulder at the two feeders full of birds right outside the studio window as I type!

I've been asked what my favorite bird is...I don't have a good answer I'm afraid.  I guess whatever bird I am watching at any given moment!  I do have a spot of admiration for Jays and Crows though...they are very intelligent and have an immensely interesting character.  I've written about Blue Jays before...many people dislike them because they're bullies or rob nests.  Well, get over it!  Besides, I have seen many other bird species destroy the nests of others...I'm not a bird so I can only make suppositions why.  Maybe its because they're trying to encourage more opportunities for their own young, less competition and all?  Who knows?  But get over it...Blue Jays are just as cool as the next bird, just maybe a bit smarter :)

One of the terms for a flock of Blue Jays is a "party"...I like that!  Sounds like a fun group to me!  The other term I know of for a flock of Blue Jays is a "riot"...well, I do think they're a riot to watch! 

Happy Bird Day everybody! 


Birding Bunch said...

It's been awhile since I came to visit your blog. I think Blue Jays are cool birds. Many of our smaller ones seem to get used to them, even our Redpolls have stopped scattering when one bombs into the platform.

I read somewhere that the percentage of eggs/nestlings to other foods is rather small. Something like 20% or less. I can live with that. :)

Prairie Painter said...

Yes very cool birds, and colorful too! Its really amazing the range of calls they have...I'm especially fond of the "tinkle, tinkle" call that most people don't seem to hear that much. (Maybe they aren't listening?!)