Friday, January 6, 2012

Make Believe?

"Summer Evening Formations"
(9X6" color pencil drawing - © Bruce A. Morrison)
(click on the image above for a larger view)

Its January...we all know that, but I think January doesn't (know it)!  Yesterday afternoon Georgie and I went for our first prairie walk in our native pasture this year.  We sat down on of the north pasture hillside benches and pondered all this. We closed our eyes and tried to describe what month it was; George said it was April and I thought it felt like October!   This winter and past 6 months are breaking records here for lack of precipitation and unusually warm temperatures.  And its 2012 on top of it...that's a bit freaky too!

I figured if the winter and the weather can make believe its some other time in space so can I!  

The small color pencil study posted above is of the valley out in front of the house and studio. Its one of those subjects I find hard to resist (cloud formations), yet holds subject matter I'm not usually inclined to draw (Corn)! I do like the late day shadows as they're cast across the fields out front; couple that with the dramatic eastern sky on a humid summer evening and I can't stay away from it!

I'm diving back in to the work here now that the Holidays and all that work is behind us.  A new solo exhibit coming up this spring...I think I must be crazy!!?  More on that (the show - not my sanity) later. 

Who says you have to go south for nice winter weather?  You can just stay in Iowa this year and simply make believe!  Enjoy it!



Rollie Henkes said...

Yes, the freaky weather not only puts us in some other time, but some other place. The balmy temps and low-angled January light might transport an Iowan to Florida or some other southern clime.

diane said...


Prairie Painter said...

Hi Rollie - yes!

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you Diane!

birdingbunch said...

I found your blog via the email about the Snowy Owl. Being curious as I am, checked out your blog link.

Your drawing is amazing! We used to live in town, but now are out in the country and can experience the awesomeness of the sky.

Prairie Painter said...

Birding Bunch! Thank you for your comments. The sky is amazing and ever changing - my favorite part of the landscape!