Friday, March 18, 2011

Love It!

Canada Goose Pencil Study
(© Bruce A. Morrison - from a private collection)

Spring starts "officially" on Sunday, but it's presence is obvious and in your face this week.  Love it!

There's been flock after flock of Canada Geese flying through and over the valley the past couple weeks.  Each morning brings the sounds of "music" everywhere from the valley to the yard.  This morning the dawn chorus was exceptional.  

Great Blue Heron
(photograph © Bruce A. Morrison)

The Waterman Creek Great Blue Heron Rookery is filling up with returning pairs from past years.  The first birds came in two days ago...there were five individuals.  By last night we had 17 individual birds perching here and there in amongst the nests of past years...this morning there were over 30 birds and more showing up!   It's really quite a sight but the rookery is about an eighth of a mile from the road so binoculars are helpful!  This is the time of the year the heron "traffic" begins and its a blast to sit outside and watch the flight patterns flow - over the house and pasture and all around us during the morning, noon and evenings!  

Spring is really here!  I Love it!


hare said...

Yes, I love them.^^
I am doing my home works of my English learning school. I don't go out. I almost in my room.^^

So, your pictures are makes me happy, Thank you for sharing.^^

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you Makiko! I read your forest walk, so nice!