Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Friends

Harris Sparrow (male)

Just about mid January!  We are certainly into winter big time here, and just about every where else we hear about!  It's been a bit windy and with below zero temps, I've just been sticking to the studio easel.  This is the perfect time of year to try and get ahead of the work - I am just too easily distracted the rest of the year...hopelessly pulled outside and into the prairie pasture here!

I also have outside winter distractions, in fact there's a bird feeder right outside the window by the studio office desk (where I'm typing this entry).  I'm amazed how well the wildlife copes with this weather, but still like to lend a hand where I can...being entertained by them is one side benefit.  Often I'm able to get photographs of good poses from our feeder visitors and use them for my drawings and paintings.

We have many birds here during the winter that do not stay year around.  Tree Sparrows and Harris Sparrows are a couple that come to well as Juncos too.  The Harris Sparrow is one of the largest North American Sparrows, and we actually don't usually keep them all winter, but this year has been an exception so far.  They breed up in the stunted boreal forests of Central Canada and always pass through here for extended visits.  When it stops by during the spring, it injects a wonderful note into the yard and grove, quite like and similar to the White-throated Sparrow's song...the same pitch but not the same "tune".

This particular male, in the photo at the top of the post, was photographed out the library window in our house.

Georgie and I have a shared love for birds, and the winter feeders are a welcomed distraction!

Now...back to work; these paintings aren't finishing themselves, and neither are the framing jobs!


diane said...

i ♥ that sweet bird!!!!!!!

Prairie Painter said...

They're great all winter this year!