Monday, July 12, 2010

Workin' It and Enjoyin' It

"Late Summer Afternoon"
(12X16" oil on mounted canvas)

There is so much going on out on the prairie these days; keeping up is not realistic but taking advantage of just "some" opportunities here is even tough!

I have been very involved in work on one end of the spectrum...just finished another client's website so was able to put in a little painting time again.  We've had so many amazing skies here the past several weeks and I love painting skies...this "Late Summer Afternoon" painting was one that typically presents itself out west of the "back 80" here, however this time I made up the foreground...the back 80 is in soybeans this summer and just not so interesting visually.  Since this was a plein air study, the foreground was actually put in a few days later back at the studio after some "pondering"; but still done with brief  efficiency of brushwork.

I've been making excursions afield when I'm able and have been back logged with image file processing...I'll post more on the summer prairies in the neighborhood when I get more caught up.

Work it and enjoy it!


Linda said...

Bruce…you never cease to amaze me!! Your sunset is beautiful!!

Bruce said...

Thank you Linda, I appreciate your comments!

hare said...

Beautiful! I think that I wish to go to trip again to see the sky like this. ^^

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you Makiko!