Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enjoy'n It!

"From Waterman South"
(color pencil on hot press paper - 5 1/2X8")

Forgive my "slang" spelling but I'm really enjoy'n it! The know - spring! And the birds...woke up to one of the yard robins singing it's dawn chorus piece yesterday morning, haven't heard that since maybe last July!

The Great Blue Herons are returning to the rookery across Waterman Creek, and the Song Sparrows have returned and are serenading in the south pasture.

The "glaciers" are rapidly melting away in the yard and pastures...there's still a couple 18-36" deep, but virtually the entire driveway and neighboring areas are free! Now the bees from the hives south of the barn are out searching high and low for pollen...poor'll be a while before we can help out there.

I just finished another small piece that's actually been on my back burner for several years. It was out on the south section of the Waterman Prairie complex south of here...actually a few years before we bought this property we now call Prairie Hill Farm.

Georgie and I visited the south section of Waterman Prairie the year that the ground was purchased for the state. It was an area I revisited many times in the first few years and I photographed the landscape around it whenever the light was good. This was a view I really took to; at first I wasn't sure what it was about it, but I believe the light and the graphic qualities in the image were the "hook" for me.

I'll readily admit I do many pieces for reasons that are my "weakness" per se. I cannot shake emotional attachments. Once I fall in love with a place...for a moment, or for whatever becomes a part of my being. I wonder what exactly goes on but suffice it to say - I have to revisit it, even if it has changed. Revisit just to regain that feeling or emotion I felt at the time there. This piece is no exception.

If I had taken a photograph that met my expectations, I would have very likely stopped right there. But I did not. It was good enough to serve as a springboard for this small rendering, but I didn't feel it was enough to stand alone. I find sometimes I can recreate the memory in the way "I want to remember it"...I think it worked for me in that way, and I'm happy with it.

I prefer color pencils be small, larger pieces and attempts in the past have met with mixed results, they are also extremely time consuming. My first college art professor once told me that you should charge the same for a painting or other artwork that a plumber charges for their services (by the hour). Ha! I'll never forget that! But...the plumber could have redone the entire house during the time spent on this piece (and most other small color pencils I've done). Guess we just have to live with our limitations don't we???

But I'll treat this piece as a study, possibly...maybe someday down the road it'll morph into a new life as a larger painting? One never knows...


HARE said...

I heard the singing birds of video on your Face book.
That was beautiful and I love the sounds. I thought I would like to see then.

Prairie Painter said...

Ah, the birds! The dawn serenade will keep building as the warmer weather's beyond words sometimes isn't it Makiko!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Bruce. You never cease to amaze me !! That last drawing just blows my mind. Totally, for There’s so many awesome things to say, that I can only sum it up with…


I forwarded to as many people, who’s e-dress is on this computer, to share in overwhelming “WOW” factor of it.

- Linda N.

Prairie Painter said...

Thanks Linda, your comments are most appreciated!

Anonymous said...

W O N D E R F U L......Bruce, you have a speciai unique way in creating a ONENESS with what you paint, or photograph. For me personally, I see the hand of God in everything and everyone., thus also creating that oneness. Life continues to be a spiritual journey. Blessings....