Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Count Down 3!

"LeRoy & Sally's Smokehouse"
5X7" color pencil rendering

Below zero by a good margin this morning but I'm still counting down! It'll be spring in 3 1/2 weeks and I'm celebrating with a new little's another color pencil piece and I'm working small and intimately. This is a location that friends took us to a couple summers back, and the couple that owned the property showed us around the property (beautiful/fun gardens!).

There was a small building that caught my eye and I felt it was something I needed to do some day down the road, so I've been working on it "when I could" the past month.

I like doing color pencils but they can be very frustrating and I have torn my share of them up. I remember one piece (a large one for me) was torn to shreds when I wore a hole right through it after trying desperately to correct a mistake after having invested nearly 3 months of work into it!

LeRoy & Sally's Smokehouse meant "summer" to me so it was a cheering piece to work on with the snow and wind blowing around outside.

Thank you LeRoy and Sally for the fun diversion and the nice visit two summers back!

Do "you" have a neat old building of character on your place you wouldn't mind me stopping by to check out for some artwork or photos some day down the road? LeRoy and Sally will get a free signed open edition print of "their" smokehouse - I'd do the same for you!

Feel free to email me - I'll put you on my itinerary this spring/summer/fall, and try and stop by! You can reach me at -

Counting down!

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Re said...

Very cool Dad! This helps me think of spring :).