Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh My...

Window Frost

32 below zero isn't so unusual two or three hundred miles north of here. The first winter Georgie and I spent in NW Ontario, we were in the minus thirties more than once; our coldest morning was 36 below zero. That was in the good old days when they never talked about "wind chill".

I remember thinking how unusual it was that the single digits in Iowa felt colder than way below zero in Canada. The difference was the humidity I guess...but exposure to skin was much more significant in those colder temps!

We actually hit 32 below zero here this morning at the studio, according to the weather channel. Our poor house window thermometer only goes to minus 30 and it was "Blank"! I went out to do some chores and fill the feeders around the yard...I felt fortunate there was little wind but still noticed the bitter cold in very short time.

Inside is where to be today...keep warm!


Wanda..... said...

Your window frost looks like the fern that grows on my hillside in the woods. It was 4 degrees here in SW Ohio Sunday morning, can't imagine 32 below!

Prairie Painter said...

Isn't that intricate too! It does really look like a fern Wanda. I hope the cold stays away from you, it's been in the minus 20's here every morning since!