Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Snow!

Hey! I got snow for my birthday! Isn't that great?! (?) Well it's pretty anyway and I guess I'll take the positive approach and be thankful - I made another year after all, and my sweetheart is still by my side! And all the kids and grand kids are definitely something to be thankful for too!

I went out onto the prairie here at Prairie Hill farm and did a little video taping while the snow was falling and covering everything, and put together a short video for you to enjoy - my gift to you.

If you're on the email list for this blog, I don't know if the video will show so I'll post a link here and you can watch it that way -

I guess I should be painting a snow scene maybe?? Naw, it'll be Indian Summer soon...I hope - and that'd be better!

Keep warm!


Mary Klein said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!

All the best to you and to Georgie in the coming year, Mary

Prairie Painter said...

Thank you very much Mary!