Sunday, September 6, 2009

Waning Days of Summer

This morning at Prairie Hill Farm

Sometimes we remember back fondly on things that stood out in some way...a place or time...a person. I'm going to remember this "summer" for it's amazing weather, the days of beautiful skies and slight/friendly breezes. Of our prairie remnant...the birds and butterflies...the morning, afternoon and night sounds.

Certainly I missed most of the summer, working inside on things that ultimately help keep us here...those chores of work; but a foot step away from the studio deck, 50 steps more to the prairie pasture, have all helped temper the incidental loss during any particular moment or day.

I'm going to remember this summer through the long cold of winter, the one to come and all others beyond it. I'll remember the misty haze along the valley as the morning sun begins to burn it's path through the tallgrass prairie on our hill.

Perhaps things happened to many of us this summer that we'd as soon forget; some things were annoyances and some hurtful. But this "event"...this "summer" of our lives, is worth all those chemical synapses that will replay the good parts through my mind till I am satiated with it!

Georgie and I hopefully still have a few weeks of pleasant evenings out on the studio deck this year, watching the light of that magic hour washing over the valley hillsides...listening to the early calls of Great Horned Owls, Coyotes rallying for the night hunts the katydids, crickets and cicadas songs.

And we wish the same pleasures for you.