Saturday, September 6, 2008

Late Summer on the Tallgrass

I may not be alone in this - I do like fall, but I sure hate seeing summer coming to it's end for the year. I also think I've developed this feeling over the years, it's not something I've felt strongly about all along.

With all the work I've been wading through these weeks, I've had to remind myself (or Georgie has) that I need to stop and take a breather outside every now and then.

Dotted liatris

I've been taking breaks out on our prairie remnant lately, trying to glimpse the last plants to celebrate the year. Among what I love the most are the Dotted liatris and the Prairie onions; I'd hate to miss out on theses beautiful magenta prairie flowers.

Prairie Onion

It's a good thing, to stand down during your day and take in the natural world; I hope you're finding a moment during your day to do the same. It'll be fall soon and, hey, it'll be a great time to enjoy as well!

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