Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Valley View

In the last blog "August Bales" I forgot to insert a photograph I took as the baling process was rapidly finishing up across the road from us.

We have a wonderful view of the valley and the storms are almost mesmerizing! I actually was getting some good lightning strikes near by as I was on our open prairie hillside with a tall tripod and camera (i.e. "lightning rod")! Unfortunately I couldn't time the lightning bolts with the shutter! Fortunately I wasn't struck!! :)

You can pick out a few of the bales in the valley...most are behind the trees and further north (left).

I spend more time on our small plot of land taking cloud pictures than anything else...looking back at the image I have no trouble understanding why.

Keep looking up (and duck if you feel a need to!)...

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notsilent1 said...

I was actually driving on the north side of this front along I-90 in Minnesota and the clouds were equally mesmerizing. I couldn't take any pictures (as I was driving) and haven't heard from my traveling companion whether any of the pictures he tried taking turned out. Very cool!